Wednesday, 28 August 2013

McDonald's Coupons: Buy One/Get One Breakfast Sandwiches, Big Macs + More

There's a new round of coupons up from McDonald's and there are some nice deals to be had. The offers vary according to province but typically include:
  • Buy any hot McCafe Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Single Shot Espresso or Americano and Get One Free
  • Buy one breakfast sandwich and hashbrown and get another breakfast sandwich for free
  • Any two McMuffins, Bagel or McGriddle Sandwiches, two has browns and two coffees for $6.48
  • Buy any two Big Macs, Quarter Pounders, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish or 6-Piece Nuggets, two Medium Fries and two Medium Soft Drinks for $9.48
  • Buy any Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, McChicken, Filet-O-Fish or 6-piece nugget with medium fries (or side salad) and get the same sandwich for free
  • Buy a Bacon & Cheese, Mushroom & Swiss or Deluxe Angus Third Pounder and Make It a Meal for free
The coupons are available across Canada, but the offers and expiry dates vary by province, so check the fine print on yours

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