Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Online shopping statictics

In 2010, Canadians placed nearly 114 million orders while shopping online, averaging about 10 orders per person. Orders totalled $15.3 billion, with an average value of $1,362 per person per year.

Travel arrangements, such as hotel reservations, tickets and rental cars were made by 55% of online shoppers, and 48% of shoppers purchased tickets for entertainment events. When paying for purchases, 89% of shoppers used a credit card online, and 31% used an online payment service.
Most shoppers (83%) placed orders from companies in Canada, while 60% ordered from vendors in the United States, and 18% from vendors in other countries.
Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Internet users window-shopped online or browsed for information on goods or services without necessarily placing an order.

Of those who did not place an order, nearly one-third (32%) said that the main reason was that they had no interest, while one-quarter (26%) preferred to shop in person, and almost one-fifth (19%) cited security concerns.

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